Get Familiar With Parental Control Options

Get Familiar With Parental Control Options

From content blocking to screen time limiters, there are numerous ways that you can control what’s your children are able to do while using the computer and other devices with internet connection. This is especially useful if you have very young kids and you want to keep their online experience safe and fun. Talking with your children about this is one way to handle it but sometimes the kids are either too stubborn or too young to understand all the potential dangers and reasons why you are worried about them.

Luckily for us there are plenty of ways that we can directly choose what’s is it that our kids are allowed to do while spending their free time browsing throughout the Internet.

Operational systems

For starters, your operational system is more likely to be pre-loaded with measures of parental control. For example Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Macintosh operating systems come with a robust built in software that helps you protect your children and control what they see. In order to get the most out of it you should use the most recent version of the operating system and configure the settings as minutely as possible. It is also a great thing that software’s like these do not come with any extra fees as well as that they function globally across the entire computer.

Web browsers

The other thing you can do is to filter the content your web browser will display. Most of the popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome allow for an in-depth configuration of what kind of content you do or do not want to be seeing. This is a very basic security step that everybody can do however, there are rather simple workarounds for this method.

For instance, should you (or your children that is) simply download and install another web browser, any of the restrictions you might have set on the previous one will not work on the new one. Browsers are free and easy to come by and if you’re child knows how to install video games and other similar software, it is more than likely that this method will not suffice for you.

Smartphones and tablets

Also, let us not forget about their Android and iOS devices. Most of the kids nowadays have an iPhone therefore, knowing how to set parental control on the iPhone or an iPad that they are carrying around frequently if not at all times is extremely important. This applies for other smart devices that your child might be using as well.

What you can do about this is to check your devices security settings since many of them come with a decent amount of parental control settings. Depending on what you have this might vary. To make sure you’re equipped with the safest options, applications like Bark, TeenSafe and Limitly. All of these can help you limit, control and even monitor your children’s activities on the web.